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White explosion

White explosion

The action takes place during the Great Patriotic War in the mountains of the Caucasus. German soldiers from the Edelweiss Mountain Division took a position in the mountains, from which fired refugees and wounded who were crossing the ridge. Lieutenant Artem Arsenov offers a bold plan: to climb to the top and blow up the snow cap, so that the resulting avalanche would collapse on the German positions. He himself unsuccessfully tried to conquer this peak in the pre-war time. To complete the task, he recruits a group of six people, among which there are both experienced climbers and beginners. At the cost of killing most of the group, they manage to complete the task. Through the unblocked pass, the movement of the Red Army forces begins.

Язык аудио
Stanislav Govorukhin
В ролях
Sergey Nikonenko, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Vladimir Vysotsky, Bukhuti Zakariadze, Fedor Odinokov, Anatoly Ignatyev, Stepan Krylov, Nikolai Fedortsov.
Год выпуска
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2018-11-21 16:19
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