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Nowhere to Hide

Nowhere to Hide

The main heroine, whose husband dies under mysterious circumstances while serving in the police, begins to receive strange messages to all electronic devices belonging to her. The person behind all of this informs that if she wants to see her daughter again, then all his instructions must be carried out unquestioningly. What is now required of the mother is to find a person who has not been showing his location for a long time. To do this, she will have to act on her own, because the hacker controls all communication channels and observations.

Язык аудио
John Marlowski
В ролях
Meredith Monroe, Brian Dietzen, Locklin Munroe, Brian Krause, Brittany Reni Finamore, Miriam Flynn, Richard Rile, Michael Badalukko, Dan Kelpine, Gary Wicks
Год выпуска
Рейтинг DIVAN.TV

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