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Mysterious Island

Mysterious Island

The action of the film unfolds in accordance with the plot of the novel of the same name by Jules Verne. During the war between the North and the South in the USA in 1865, a group of brave Northers fled from the besieged Richmond Southerners in a balloon. They find themselves on a mysterious uninhabited island, where they are not alone, with them the mysterious captain Nemo. The key difference between the storyline of the film and the novel is that the heroes, warned by Captain Nemo about the volcano's awakening, leave the island on a self-built sailboat (and are not saved by the Duncan crew after the death of the island). Another difference - the colonists find Ayrton not during the trip to the island of Tabor (the film does not have this), but on his island.

Язык аудио
Eduard Penzlin
В ролях
Alexey Krasnopolsky, Pavel Kiyansky, Andrey Andrienko-Zemskov, Ivan Kozlov, Robert Ross, Yuri Grammatikati, Andrei Sova, Nikolai Komissarov, Nikolay Volkov
Год выпуска
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2019-01-31 12:03
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