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First Swallow

First Swallow

This film tells about how the inhabitants of the Georgian province got acquainted with a new game for them - football. The film takes place in Poti. The validity period is until 1917. Originally the game came in a rather wild form - everyone was running around the field in a big crowd without any sportswear and shoes, who was what. A team of bachelors played against the team of married people. The game took place on an unequipped field (except for poles, replacing the gates). In addition, temperamental spectators continually played up to their team, and there were no judges on the field at all.

Язык аудио
Nana Mchedlidze
В ролях
Dodo Abashidze, Vazo Nadaraya, Ippolit Khvichia, Anzor Hercadze, Guram Lordkipanidze, Dimitri Jiani, Amiran Kadeishvili, Temur Tavadze, G. Mchedlidze, Z. Shilakadze
Год выпуска
Рейтинг DIVAN.TV

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