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Different Fates

Different Fates

Young Leningraders, yesterday's schoolchildren, enter adulthood. Sonia loves Stepu, but he is in love with Tanya, and Tanya prefers Federi. Denied Styopa leaves for a distant Siberian city, goes there to the plant and to the evening institute. Sonia goes after him. But in Leningrad the relationship between Fedya and Tanya does not add up. Beautiful and selfish Tanya, wishing to find a better place in life, has an affair with the famous composer Roshchin, but at the first failure, Roshchin leaves him. Stepan, finally appreciating Sonia's devotion, marries her. Reflecting on how to transfer money to the treatment of a seriously ill Federi, Stepa and Sonia address this request to Vera, who is going to Leningrad. Between Vera and Fedya appears sympathy, and when Fedya leaves for friends in Siberia, Vera escorts him to the station. There they meet with Tanya. She hears an explanation between the young people and understands that Fedya loved the Faith. Tanya remains alone.

Язык аудио
Leonid Lukov
В ролях
Tatiana Piletskaya, Julian Panich, Georgy Yumatov, Lev Sverdlin, Olga Zhizneva
Год выпуска
Доступно до
2020-10-11 12:09
Рейтинг DIVAN.TV

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