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Between high loaves

Between high loaves

The collective farm groom and the jack-of-all-trades Pavlo Struchok (Evgeny Leonov) in the village of Golubovka was a kind and sympathetic person. My son went to Kiev long ago, and my wife died. He wooed to the fine widow Odarka (Zinaida Dekhtyareva). The neighbor of Todoska (Margarita Krinitsina) was privatizing him, but she could not forget Plato's husband. Many helped Pavlo, but he could not refuse from the magarich, which made him experience Odarka. But in fact her daughter was already a virgin to be extradited, and Ivan, who was about to enter the nautical school, was courting her. He was constantly wrestling near Olesya, because of which the labor indicators for repair of agricultural machinery were declining, which upset the chairman. Magarych brought Paul to the people's court, after which the groom moved to Kiev to his son. But the city life was not for him and Pavel returned to his native village, and then Odarka changed her anger to mercy.

Язык аудио
Leonid Millionshchikov
В ролях
Evgeny Leonov, Zinaida Dekhtyareva, Margarita Krinitsyna, Galina Mikeladze, Lev Prygunov, Henry Ostashevsky, Ivan Simonenko, Dmitry Kapka, Elena Kovalenko, Vladimir Vasilyev
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Рейтинг DIVAN.TV

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