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Act on the situation!

Act on the situation!

March of 1945. In the last weeks of the war, after performing a special task behind enemy lines, Major Gorelov's armored team returns to its own. In search of fuel, the column enters a village where a German teacher joins the group, whose husband is to be executed by order of Goebbels, as a deserted Wehrmacht, and an American who escaped from the concentration camp. From the American, the tankmen learn that the Nazis are preparing to blow up a secret military plant near Lauban, along with two thousand prisoners of war there: French, British and American. Gorelov's group, pursued by the enemy, decides to go to the rescue of the Allies ...

Язык аудио
Ivan Gorobets
В ролях
Valery Yurchenko, Ivan Bortnik, Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, Niyole Ozhelite, Irina Reznikova, Seydulla Moldakhanov, Igor Chernitsky, Arunas Storpirshtis
Год выпуска
Доступно до
2018-11-17 14:18
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