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About Vitya, about Masha and the Marine Corps

About Vitya, about Masha and the Marine Corps

Six-year-old Victor lives on a military base. His father is an officer, and his mother is a military doctor. Before sending his son to school, his parents decided that he should spend the summer in a pioneer camp in order to learn how to live in a peer group and get used to new, school orders. But it turned out that the baby was very much used to life on the basis, to the rules of male soldier's friendship, and although in the camp he was immediately mistaken for him, he turned out to be the most serious man in his squad and was able to teach the children discipline, perseverance and responsiveness ...

Язык аудио
Mikhail Ptashuk
В ролях
Oksana Bobrovich, Sergey Svetlitsky, Tamara Abrosimova, Eugene Bliznyuk, Nikolai Boyarsky, Elena Kostereva, Ivan Mikolaychuk, Galina Sulima
Год выпуска
Рейтинг DIVAN.TV

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