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To Duck or Not to Duck

To Duck or Not to Duck

Elmer Fudd is hunting ducks with his dog Laramore. After missing Daffy several times ("Confidentially, those hunters couldn't hit the broad side of a DUCK!" snickers Daffy to the audience) and leaving a duck-shaped hole in the clouds after each shotgun blast, Elmer manages to graze Daffy with a load of buckshot, merely blowing off his tail-feathers and causing him to fall. After Laramore retrieves Daffy and brings him to Elmer, Elmer then apologizes for shooting him, explaining that he had to "pwug" Daffy because he is "a gweat spoowtsman." Daffy heatedly retorts that Elmer doesn't know the meaning of fair play ("What chance does a poor little fluffy winged creature like me have against a well-equipped hunter like you?!") and that Elmer wouldn't be so tough without his big shotgun and other destructive hunting accessories, and challenges Elmer to a "fair" fight.

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